The Rough Cut is Finished!

In case you missed it I finished the rough cut this week and then screened it all the way through for the first time.

What a ride!

I love this movie more than I imagined I could. It’s fun and sweet and witty and quirky and has all those things that I love doing with my movies.

It was a lot of hard work to get this point: A film shoot spread over 3 months instead of the scheduled 2 weeks, script re-writes while filming, and then more rewrites after filming, and then completely rethinking the whole film and changing its style 8 months after filming. Whew. What a palooza.

And I’m here today to report it was totally worth it.  This movie is going to be exactly what I hoped for.

I have a lot more to do: At least two more months of color correcting, creating visual effects and sound editing. I need help to get this movie finished and out so you can enjoy it.

Please send a contribution so I can finish this totally fun and entertaining movie.


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