Swimming Thru Peanut Butter

The first 42 minutes of the film are edited and I hit the wall today.

I was going to edit the next five or 10 minutes of the film, but got an email from The Steampunk’s World Fair letting me know if I want to premiere the movie at their event I have to apply with an online form.  The form requires a movie trailer.

So I edited a movie trailer. And made a quick poster.

And then spent the rest of the day updating websites and social media and not editing the movie. And improving the GoFundMe Campaign.  (Check it out!)

Which means I’m in the same place I was 24 hours ago.

This is also the place in every film editing project where it suddenly feels like I’m the trout and the movie is Niagara Falls.  The only way through this is to plow forward, without stopping to fix small errors or find 2-second shots, but keep moving forward, confident I’ll fix the problems after I finish the full rough cut.

And tomorrow morning is the perfect time to do that.  Right now I’m going to the store for ice cream.  Because creativity requires double chocolate fudge swirls with mint chips.


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