Editing Begins

As with all my feature films, I take a breather between filming and the start of the editing process. This helps me clear my head to see exactly what I captured in the camera and with the mics, and not what I think I captured.

This week I began the process of turning all this material into a film.  Right now all the footage is lined up on editing timelines in the scripted order of the film. This is the first chance I’ll have to see if our continuity was correct during filming. Did anyone change shirts when they walked through a door? Is the drinking glass refilling itself magically during dinner?  I’ll find out in the coming week as I take my first overall look at the footage.

One note I must make, the footage looks gorgeous. I’m really quite taken by how beautiful the movie is already before I’ve even done any color correction or digital manipulation. It’s possibly the most luscious film I’ve ever made. I am stunned and delighted.

As you recall, our film shoot went months longer than scheduled due to illness and weather. Unavoidable circumstances which unfortunately cost me $6000.

Can you contribute toward this loss so I can compensate the actors with their promised stipends? It’s not fair to them we ran into logistic problems during production and I hate seeing them waiting for the small stipends they’re each entitled.

Please help.   The best way you can do the most good is to send a contribution directly thru paypal.com to paul@paulbrightfilms.com.   With this method there’s no fee and your contribution goes entirely to the cast and musicians.

Thank you.





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